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Flamingo Magazine Winter Issue // The Secret Life of Santa Claus

📝: Sarah Clarke Stuart 📷: @mbkoeth

I’ve added three new Santas to the series this year. Santa Don from Fort Myers, FL is included in this article (flip to the last page). I’ll also introduce you to Santa Mike from Buffalo and Santa Jim from Loring, Ontario before the holiday season is over. ❤️🎅


Manager Magazin | November 2017

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Spread in #ManagerMagazin on the new generation of cryptocurrency multi-millionaires. 📷:@mbkoeth


Southwest: The Magazine, Larry Nelson, August 2017

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“He’s one of only four players to win three major championships in the 80’s. He’s a World Golf Hall of Famer. So why have you never heard of him?” 📝: JK Nickell, 📷: Mary Beth Koeth, Retouching: Patrick White

As I was driving around in a golf cart with pro-golfer Larry Nelson, I asked him, “Larry, have you ever had a PR person?” He said he hadn’t. We talked about family, life, and golf-which I have to admit, I know nothing about~other than, that I like the outfits. It was just Larry and I making pictures on the Atlanta Country Club golf course. No assistants, no agents, no groomers. When we were saying our goodbyes I told Larry, “You should get a DUI, then everyone in America will for sure know your name.” I still know nothing about golf, but I do know that I’m a huge fan of Larry Nelson.

Southwest: The Magazine, August 2017



American Way Magazine | July 2017

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Video and Edit by Ashley Hernandez

“The Miami Supersonics have travelled to Hong Kong, Sweden and all over the U.S. for tournaments, and are considered one of the country’s best teams—since 2008, the team has won a national title every year. In 2015, they set the Junior Olympic speed record for Double Dutch and secured another first-place Double Dutch Pairs Speed title at USA Jump Rope’s Grand National Championship.”
📝: Jess Swanson 📷: Mary Beth Koeth
|| July issue of American Way Magazine ||


Google Pixel

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I partnered with Google to shoot for a new campaign featuring the Pixel phone. All the colors of the rainbow were shot on the Pixel! 🌈


Southwest: The Magazine

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Keep an eye out for The Ghost of Capablanca in the June issue of Southwest: The Magazine. What Cuba’s legendary chess maestro—and the island’s enduring love affair with the game—reveals about the country’s uncertain future. 🇨🇺

Written by Brin-Jonathan Butler Photography by Mary Beth Koeth
@southwestmagazine @kevin_demiranda



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Michelle Canazaro 🥇Special Olympics Florida Ski Team “People see us practicing on the beach, and they’re like, ‘Are you crazy? You’re skiing on the sand when there’s no snow!'” Canazaro says. “And we’re just like, ‘Yeah, why not, we’re doing it for Special Olympics, and we only get to ski [on snow] three days out of a whole year, and we’re practicing for it.’ If they think we’re nuts, who cares?” 📝: Anna Katherine Clemmons : @mbkoeth

Check out this sweet story on ESPN


LIV Fitness Clubs // Video

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I flew down to Puerto Rico a few months back to shoot footage for LIV Fitness. Wallace Cruz​ had three days to work with the footage and deliver a final piece to the client. I’m always amazed with what he comes back with. Makes you want to drop everything and start moving!