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Southwest: The Magazine

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Keep an eye out for The Ghost of Capablanca in the June issue of Southwest: The Magazine. What Cuba’s legendary chess maestro—and the island’s enduring love affair with the game—reveals about the country’s uncertain future. 🇨🇺

Written by Brin-Jonathan Butler Photography by Mary Beth Koeth
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Michelle Canazaro 🥇Special Olympics Florida Ski Team “People see us practicing on the beach, and they’re like, ‘Are you crazy? You’re skiing on the sand when there’s no snow!'” Canazaro says. “And we’re just like, ‘Yeah, why not, we’re doing it for Special Olympics, and we only get to ski [on snow] three days out of a whole year, and we’re practicing for it.’ If they think we’re nuts, who cares?” 📝: Anna Katherine Clemmons : @mbkoeth

Check out this sweet story on ESPN


LIV Fitness Clubs // Video

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I flew down to Puerto Rico a few months back to shoot footage for LIV Fitness. Wallace Cruz​ had three days to work with the footage and deliver a final piece to the client. I’m always amazed with what he comes back with. Makes you want to drop everything and start moving!









Pat for the Bold Beauty Project

posted by mbkoeth November 20, 2016 0 comments

I photographed Pam Middleton for the Bold Beauty Project, an exhibit that tells the stories of women with various disabilities. The prints are currently up at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami and a selection of the show will be up at Art Concept during Art Basel.


Banff <3

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August 2016 ©MBKoeth

Banff Upper Hot Springs

August 2016 ©MBKoeth

Taken from the top of Sulphur Mountain


Meeting of the Moms

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Ross and I thought it was time for our moms to finally meet. One is from New York, the other hadn’t been there since the World’s Fair in 1964. Like any first date, both were a little nervous.

August 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoethAugust 2016 ©MBKoeth
All photos ©Mary Beth Koeth


The General’s Story on Viewfind

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Koeth visited Thambu’s farm with Laura Lee Huttenbach, who was working on a biography of the General titled “The Boy Is Gone: Conversations with a Mau Mau General,” published in 2015 from Ohio University Press. While Huttenbach recorded oral histories, Koeth captured the visuals.

Check out the full story <<HERE>>